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Training with Angela is always a good time! She creates fun and unconventional workouts that are always challenging, and she motivates you to push harder. I can’t wait to train with her again! "


It's time to enter into a conversation with your body and begin to feel better in everyday living.
Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle and are not paying attention to how we move and what we're eating.
This leaves us feeling tired, stressed and unable to get the most out of life.

If you want to start feeling energized, get back into shape and stay that way well into your old age, GRIT & GUTS will help you make the necessary habit changes in training, nutrition and lifestyle.


You do!

On the GUTS side of things, my training system is about
challenging your body with new movements and progressing down the road to a long, healthy life.

Whether you need to start with the fundamentals (such as proper squat or hinge patterning) or are ready for more advanced movements (like kettlebell swings, battle rope slams or other unconventional training exercises), I can help  you on your journey to a stronger, fitter and all-round healthier you.
Have you tried reaching your fitness goals before, but somehow found yourself back at square one after a few months? You had the GUTS to get started, but were lacking the GRIT to keep going for lasting results.

GRIT is the unconquerable spirit found in getting what you want. 
As a coach, I offer strategies to help you to develop healthy habits for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle, as well as a support and accountability system to keep you honest.  

Being strong on the outside requires a lot of mental strength and determination from the inside. 
Believe in yourself. Trust your trainer. And see your persistence pay off.


Recently, tons of small box gyms, personal trainers and local bootcamps in the park have sprung up like wild fire. They mimic tough workouts viewed on youtube and push people into injury or exhaustion. 

As a certified personal trainer, it's my job to assess your individual starting point, determine your goals and safely progress you to that result.

GRIT & GUTS place an emphasize on:
  • Both general and specific warmups to properly prepare your body for that day's training
  • Training all 3 energy systems for optimal body composition, health and performance
  • Quality over quantity, in order to prevent injury and effectively progress you toward your goal
  • Developing a training routine that you'll actually enjoy doing.


Dig in to the joy of eating and leave dieting behind.
Nutrition coaching helps you move toward healthy eating as a part of your overall lifestyle. 

By developing a healthy relationship with food, you can achieve improved body composition, enhance performance and increase your overall health condition.

Nutrition coaching includes:
  • Nutritional assessment and consultation
  • A personalized nutrition plan based on your goals
  • Before and after photos
  • Regular check-ins with your coach to ensure adherence to your plan and strategies to remain accountable
  • Habit-based coaching to ensure results last for life


If your company is looking for a team building activity that will result in more energy and less stress for your employees, exercise is the answer. Post-office exercise creates a boost in energy and combats the negative effects of sitting inside all day, while pre-office training primes the mind for a productive day ahead.
A team that trains together, gains together.

Groups of 6-14 people. Inquire below for more information and pricing.

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By angela.nichols6 05 Jul, 2016

Effort and success go up when you have an opportunity mindset.

And more importantly, your life is just that more fucking enjoyable.


What do I mean by that?

From the words of motivational speaker, Eric Thomas …

“The next time you give a low effort .. you give 70% or 50% or 30% ... I want you to think about, what you're thinking about when your effort is low.

If your effort is low, you’re probably not thinking about the opportunity, you’re probably thinking about the obligation.

When the work necessary to achieve your goals and your dreams (or even just the comings and goings of your day-to-day chores, relationships and what fills your agenda) begin to feel like an obligation, your effort and joy decrease  because it feels like a burden.

However, it is when you change your mindset to opportunity mode that something amazing happens.

It no longer feels like a burden to put in the effort. 

In fact, it’s a joy. It's energizing. 

And with that energy, your effort goes up. When you see each task or activity as an opportunity to become better (at work, at play, as a person) and as an opportunity to experience life's moments, there is no burden, no obligation, only the chance to live fully.


Do you see your day as a series of obligations?


Ugh. I have a meeting at 13.00. I don’t want to listen to him go on and on about nothing.

Ugh. I have to go see so-and-so tonight. Things aren't going well with her. 

Ugh. I have to hike up this mountain. It's fucking cold and my feet are blistered and why the hell am I doing this again?


Or instead, do you see your day as full of opportunities to be enjoyed and taken advantage of?


Oh. I have a meeting at 13.00. This might be a good time to express that idea I had earlier this week.

Oh. I have to go see so-and-so tonight. Things haven't been well, but this could be a good opportunity to turn things around.

Oh yeah. I'm climbing this mountain because the view at the top is going to be absolutely amazing. Fuck this mountain. I will own this bitch! (Effort has gone waaay up and so has your enjoyment in the process of getting there).

By angela.nichols6 31 May, 2016

It’s getting closer to summer and, in my yearly quest for summer time abs of sexy steel, I am:

  • Training with consistency
  • Nailing down my diet (or trying to … good god, I love to eat)
  • Getting my full 8 hours of sleep
  • And reducing my intense party times
But this year, I’m going the extra mile. “What’s left?” you might be thinking.

Well …


I’m fixing my posture.


Most of us have poor posture as a result of the amount of sitting we do. Haunched over at our computers, staring down at our smartphones and tablets, etc. etc. This excessive sitting and slouching can cause us to develop common postural impairments, including:

  • Anterior pelvic tilt (your butt sticks out and your gut protrudes)
  • Postural kyphosis (rounded shoulders/back) and;
  • Forward head posture

These postural imbalances can cause us to look shorter and fatter.
By angela.nichols6 02 May, 2016

I use to believe many things. I use to believe running 5 km was difficult. I use to believe I would never be able to do full pushups. I use to believe that quitting drinking was too hard. I use to believe I'd never be happy. Now, I easily run 5 km, I can do 10 full push ups, not drinking is a non-issue, and I'm as happy as I've ever been.

My point isn't to gloat.  My point is, I don’t believe in any of those storylines anymore.They came and they went. How easily (or how difficult) they were to change, however, depended on how much I clung to or based my identity upon those beliefs.


Within my life, I've realized there are no ...


"I can'ts"

"I won'ts"

"I couldn'ts"




There are simply a lot of "I don't want tos" or negative beliefs that we hold about our own ability to achieve success and find happiness.


I hear it all the time from my clients, friends and family ...


  • "I can't find the time to exercise."
  • "I can't say no to unhealthy foods."
  • “I could never give a presentation in front of people.”
  • “I could never ask that guy/girl out on a date.”
  • "I could never quit my job."


Whatever your "I can't" is .. sometime's it's just a matter of ...

"I don't want to."  (For instance, I don't train for long distance running. You'll probably hear me say 'I could never run a marathon." But really, if that's something I wanted  to do. I know I could do it. But I simply don't want to.)


But what about when it comes to the things that we really DO want to do and we aren’t? What’s stopping us?


It's the beliefs we hold of ourselves that stop us.


It’s the underlying storylines we tell ourselves, it's the beliefs that are based in fear, that prevent us from real change.


The “I could never give a presentation in front of people” is really …


“I’m afraid that people will criticize my work, and this will confirm my belief that I am not smart or innovative enough."


The “I could never ask that person on a date” is really …


“I’m afraid to be rejected, as this will confirm my belief that I’m not pretty or lovable enough.”


The "I won't try this new exercise" is really ...


"I'm afraid of failure. What if I can't do it? And what if other people  see  that I can't do it?!"


We all have fears that limit our potential in becoming who we want to be.  


The trick is this:


Achieving what you desire and living the life you want is all about having the proper belief system in who you are.


When you believe in your ability to perform in your job, you will have the confidence to present anything to anyone.


When you believe you deserve love, you won't be afraid to ask anyone out on a date.


When you believe in your ability to achieve whatever task or goal you have set for yourself, you WILL accomplish it.

Believe in yourself.

Keep practicing. Keep growing. Keep doing.

Failure is only an option if you fear it or stop trying.

By angela.nichols6 01 May, 2016

As I scroll through my Instagram feed, not only do I see amazing travel pics of places I  dream  of going and delicious meals I  hope  to make, but I also see tons of photos and videos from the people I  want  to be like.


I think, “I want to be able to do walking handstands!!” OR “I want to have abs and arms like those!”


Sound familiar? Whether you’re on social media or engaging with people in real life, you’ve most likely had similar thoughts.


While it’s valuable to be inspired by others, we often have a tendency to start comparing ourselves to others, wishing that we could look like them or behave like them.


It’s fantastic that we want to improve ourselves, but by comparing ourselves to others and by keeping a vision of someone else’s body or behaviour in our mind, we will never meet those goals. Because you are not them, and they are not you. So, the question I want you to ask yourself is:

What does a healthy YOU look like?

Imagine you woke up today EXACTLY the person you wanted to be. 


Envision this YOU as clearly as you can.


How do you feel?


What do you look like?


Who loves this new version of you? (Your family? Your significant other? Your friends? Your clients? You?)


How do the changes you've made to yourself benefit your relationships, your confidence, your health and your career?


The philosophy behind Grit & Guts goes beyond simple exercise.   It's about taking the first steps in transitioning to a healthy lifestyle that will last for life.

So I challenge you this: Take the first step in becoming the hero of your own movie.

Write down 3 goals you are going to commit to for the next 90 days that will take you toward becoming the person you want to be. Repeat them aloud every morning!

They can be health or fitness related, but they don’t have to be! They can be related to work, relationships, your mindset, anything that takes you to a healthier, happier you.



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